​"Imagine that.  

 'What you look for in a builder' --

 a company motto that's actually  110% true." 

 Steve and Mary East of Churchville

"what you look for in a builder"

Experience, Integrity, Quality and Value

When you're ready to build your new home, you look for property that is where you need to be for your family, jobs and schools.  You look for a house plan that has the square footage, rooms and features that meet the unique needs of your lifestyle.  You look for materials and features that have the quality and aesthetic qualities that appeal to you.

But maybe even more importantly,



At Marshall Home Construction we believe that the answer to that question is Experience, Integrity,

Quality and Value.

EXPERIENCE to know that your builder can get the job done right and has the foresight to see potential

issues before they become problems that you have to deal with.  

INTEGRITY to know that your builder has a track record and reputation in the area that shows that he is honest, trustworthy and dependable with references from happy customers who actually enjoyed the process of building a home with him without surprises and disappointments.

QUALITY that ensures that your home is built with the latest technology in materials and methods that ensure that your home will be as maintenance free as possible for your family to enjoy for decades to come.

VALUE that assures that you are getting the most for your hard-earned money with no shocking cost overruns and even opportunities to save here and there with cost allowances for many items.  

Even your dream home in the perfect location with every feature that you could imagine can turn into a nightmare if you don't consider these important elements of "WHAT YOU LOOK FOR IN A BUILDER."