"He's a straight-shooter, fair and  honest.  He  listened.  He picked up the  phone  almost every  time we called  him (which  was a lot!), but if he  missed a call he  returned it promptly--  usually  within just  a few minutes."

  Steve and Mary East of Churchville


"the q​uality of being honest and fair"

Knowing how to build a house is important, but knowing how to treat people is even more important.

At Marshall Home Construction we endeavor to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. This means using fair business practices that

ensure that you know what you are getting for

the agreed upon price and that you are involved

in all major decision making for your project.

Unlike many home manufacturers who use "package" pricing, our contracts are very explicit and spell

out details about your project down to the number of television jacks and faucet brands.  There will

be no surprises with us telling you, "No, that's not included."  If you do make changes along the

way, the cost of those extra items will be discussed and documented before proceeding.  If the

project costs more than estimated, we want to assure you that it will be because you wanted more

and not because we demanded more.  

​Treating people right also means responding quickly and

thoughtfully to their concerns and questions.  Customers have Darrell's cell phone number and can


reach him most any time.  Your concerns ​are our concerns.