We moved here from Maryland, Oct 2014.  After living in the home we purchased, we became very sick within 6 weeks and learned the home had black mold at a toxic level and the smartest thing to do was to tear the house down and rebuild.  We were devastated!  We met excavator, Darryl Campbell who recommended we contact Darrell Marshall, owner of Marshall Home Construction.  Being new people to the area, we did not know who to turn to or who to trust.  Especially after what we were going through. Darrell was understanding and compassionate and recommended an engineering firm for our foundation, since our property is in a flood plain. 

Once all of the hurdles to get approval to build in a flood plain were crossed, construction began, May 2015.  Darrell had many suggestions for building products, such as cabinets, tile, and flooring, as well as siding, decking and doors.  We had never built a home before and the many decisions could have been overwhelming, but Darrell made things so much easier with his suggestions.  I even thought I would look into other cabinet companies, but Darrell’s suggestion was the best.  They had quality products at a reasonable price.  Remember, this was a financial devastation as well as stressful. 
All of Darrell’s employees were friendly, helpful and honest.  Even with a wet early summer, our home was built in time for us to move in Nov. 2015, right before the holidays.  We have never lived in a more energy efficient home and we are finally able to enjoy the property we chose to retire to, once again, but this time in a safe, brand new home.
We know God has a plan, and we believe He was involved in leading us to Marshall Home Construction.  If you need to see an example of a home that this fine company has built, ask Darrell or Tracy, the owners, to show you our home.  

Paul and Tammy Miller of Churchville

"Imagine that.  "What you look for in a builder"--a company motto that's actually 110% true.  Darrell Marshall and his excellent crew did an absolutely superb job building our house.  The finished product is top drawer and exactly what we had dreamed of.  We've had plenty of experiences with other contractors in the past and Darrell is, refreshingly, in a whole different class from anyone we've ever worked with.  He's a straight-shooter, fair and honest.  He listened.  He picked up the phone almost every time we called him (which was a lot!), but if he missed a call he returned it promptly--usually within just a few minutes.  Throughout the whole process Darrell was intent on building the house that WE wanted.  That said, when we were failing to consider something important, or needed some guidance, he was always there (with an abundance of tact) to offer suggestions and alternatives, drawing on his many years of homebuilding experience.  We were, admittedly, at times not the easist clients to work with because it took us so long to make some important decisions.  Darrell, however, totally "gets" the fact that building a new home is a big investment that can get a bit overwhelming for the client, and exhibited the patience of Job.  Picking Marshall Home Construction to build our home was one of the best (an luckiest!) decisions we've ever made.  A friend recommended Darrell to us and we would wholeheartedly recommend Darrell and his crew (who are talented craftsmen as well as being great guys) to anyone considering building a new home.  Just stop looking now.  Seriously--these are the guys you want."

Steve and Mary East of Churchville

"When my wife and I decided to move to the Stuarts Draft area, we didn't have a home builder in mind to build our retirement home.  We started doing research, and during an afternoon walk one day, we met a surveyor that was selling his home and planned to build a new one.  He gave us a list of local builders and, in fact, mentioned that he would use Marshall if it was not for the fact that he had promised a relative to build his home.  When we looked for a bank to use, they would ask what builder we planned to use.  Each time we stated we were thinking of Marshall, they told us how good he was and that they had known him for many years.  We went to see a home that Darrell built, and as we were leaving, the homeowner told me that his home was the 7th home that Darrell had built for his family.  Darrell was willing to spend time with us before we hired him as our builder.  During the home building process he was a hands-on builder and always willing to work with us.  He takes his time and makes sure everything is done right.  Everyone that came into our home as it was being built commented on how good our builder was.  He always answered our calls and questions.  He goes above what code requires yet remains well priced.  If you want a well-built house, then Marshall Home Construction is an excellent choice.  In our opinion, he can't be beat!"
Russell and Marsha Davis of Stuarts Draft

"If you want a quality home at a fair price, you can't go wrong with Marshall Home Construction.  I think what I liked most about the process was the work crew.  They genuinely cared about their work and each other.  When was the last time you spent time on a job site and never heard a cuss word? All the work from the foundation to the last finishing nail was more than I could have asked for. Inspections were never a problem because the work was done right the first time.  My last house has been completed and Marshall Home Construction has made it my home.  I give them 5 stars!"  

Bill Crosby of Charlottesville

"I hired Marshall Home Construction to build my first home.  Every part of building was enjoyable for me.  Ten years later, we decided to add an addition to our home.  Darrell developed a set of plans and met with us a couple weeks later.  We loved his ideas and he agreed to build on for us.  This time we would be living in the middle of the construction process.  Darrell, Tony and Nathan ended up feeling like brothers to us.  They were committed to excellence in every detail.  The knowledge of the best building materials and the integrity of the contractors that were hired were impeccable.  They've been our choice two times and if we were ever to build again, it would be with Marshall Home Construction."  

Mike and Michele Allebaugh of Spotswood

"When looking for a quality builder, Marshall Home Construction should be your choice.  Everyone associated with Marshall Home Construction is friendly and works with you to fulfill your needs. Building materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are their trademarks.  MHC's experience, integrity, quality and value will beautifully showcase your new home."  

Bill and Nancy Duke of Staunton

"If you want a good contractor, there are plenty to choose from in this area.  If you want a great, honest contractor, you choose Marshall Home Construction."  

Matt and Sunshine Rawley of Staunton

"I have handled construction financing for many people over the years, and I have yet to entertain any complaints or dissatisfaction with Darrell's work or handling of his construction projects."  

John Meade, Senior VP, First Bank & Trust